Apr. 6th, 2011

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1) Gaslight Gathering, steampunk, San Diego, May 6-8

I can commute, but I'd have to either drive in a long full skirt & petticoat or change in a bathroom on site. Neither is ideal, but getting a room for just me is more than I can justify in this year of too many cons. Booking deadline is coming up soon.

2) Baycon, Santa Clara, Memorial Day weekend

I have not booked a room yet, but I"m willing to make the reservation, or take a slot in someone's room, if there's an opening.

3) Westercon, San Jose, July 1-4

I have a reservation at the Fairmont, in non-party space, and room for up to three more. Alternately, I can cancel my room if someone has space, but I prefer not having to schedule around a party being thrown in the room. I also have a friend with a couple of membership to this which he'd like to sell if you're not registered yet.

4) Worldcon, Reno, August

I have a room in the Atlantis, outside the party block. Looking for up to two more roommates. This hotel is sold out at the con rate, and connects to the convention center via a skybridge.


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