May. 25th, 2011

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51) Armadale, Wilkie Collins, LibriVox

Long. Felt _too_ long. Are the sons fated to replay the sins of the fathers?

52) Infernal Devices, K.W. Jeter

Really enjoyed this. One of the early first-wave steampunk classics, now reprinted. Our protagonist is swept up in events he does not understand, but is nonetheless the key to, thanks to his genius-clockmaker father's plotting.

53) A Slepyng Hound to Wake, Vincent McCaffrey

ARC, sequel to Hound, out in July.
I think Hound was a stronger book overall. This one seemed a little less focused, with a less of a cohesive theme. Henry buys a book from his acquaintance Eddy Perry, a sometimes bookhound, sometimes druggie, who is then murdered, possibly for the money Henry just paid him. Among Eddy'd possessions, Henry finds the manuscript for his finished novel, which he then decides to try to get published. He has to track down the woman to whom it's dedicated, but the tracking happens entirely offstage, and this plotline is ignored for a good chunk of the book. Meanwhile, Henry is forced to confront his relationships with the various women in his life, as they all make demands upon him. Like and good fictional hero, Henry pulls out solutions to all their problems, more or less, almost accidentally, while Albert again fills the wise / wise-cracking friend role.

54) Tomorrow Now, SiP v. 15, Terry Moore

Katchoo finds success as an artist, tries to get over Francine, and deals with the Feds.

55) Molly and Poo, SiP v. 16, Terry Moore

A time-hopping tale of love and murder. Doesn't quite seem connected to the overall story, though one version of Molly went to school with Francine.

56) Peppermints in the Parlor, Barbara Brooks Wallace

A fun little kids' mystery, with a Plucky Orphan Girl, a Helpful Urchin Boy, Relatives In Peril, and more.


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