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90) Julian Comstock, Robert Charles Wilson

Near-future (late 22nd century), but reads to me like alternate history. Society as we know it has collapsed -- the oil ran out, there was disease, etc. In the aftermath, the US apparently took over Canada, and conservative religion pretty much took over the government. The Presidency is semi-hereditary, term limits are a thing of the past, and technology is mostly gone. This is the story of a young man from the current ruling family, told by his commoner friend, as he tries to survive and subvert his uncle's reign. It's long, and I ended up taking a break from it a couple of times to read other works, but it's well-told. It was up for the Hugo in 2010.

91) Mansfield Park, Jane Austen, via LibriVox

It's Jane Austen. There's family drama, class contrasts, and romance. Since I hadn't read it before, I will refrain from spoilery summaries in case you haven't either. As I was approaching the end, I wondered how all those loose ends were going to get wrapped up; they did.

92) Blue Christmas, Mary Kay Andrews

Technically a novella, according to the afterword, but I'm counting it anyway. It's over 200 pages and has chapters. It's a Christmas tale following Savannah Blues and Savannah Breeze, but no one dies in this one. There's a bit of a mystery, but mostly it's just another chapter in the lives of the characters from the two novels. If you like light Southern mysteries, you';; probably like the novels; if you like them, you'll probably enjoy this, too.
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